How to look more feminine


You’ve always been interested in femininity and somehow female clothing and things just feel ‘more right’.

Now you are ready to see if this all should be part of your life, but where to start?

We know these feelings, we’ve had these feelings, and we understand how difficult it is to talk to female friends or family members about it to learn more about the practicalities
That’s why we are here. We at Dot. are Your Ally and are here for you to help you on this beautiful journey of discovery.
Feeling beautiful comes from the inside, but looking great on the outside can definitely help in that process. So let’s try and make you look your best!

To do that, let’s first look at the difference between cismen (cis is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth) and ciswomen in body types. These are the 5 main body types:

the 5 main body types

As you can see, cismen and ciswomen both can have any of these 5 main body types, however some are very common for ciswomen and some more common for cismen.

Often times, especially if you’re somewhat athletic, cismen will have an inverted triangle shape. The high testosterone levels in cismale bodies helps build bigger muscles and thus it’s very likely that you’re shoulders are broader than with most ciswomen whose testosterone levels are much lower.

Ciswomen have a much broader pelvic bone than cismen, since they need to be able to bear and give birth to a child. This has consequences throughout the body. It means that in ciswomen the hip line is the broadest part of the body, and a narrower waist appears by contrast, while in cismen most of the times the broadest part is the shoulder line, and the waist is hardly different from the hips.
This is why the pear shape and hourglass shape are very common for ciswomen.

So, how do we turn that triangle upside down or create an extra inverted triangle at the bottom for that hourglass shape?
Well, let’s start by adding breasts!
Adding breasts? How?
Well, of course you can buy a nice bra (ours here) and stuff toilet paper in it, but we would advise actual breast forms (Check the breast forms we stock out here) as they look much more realistic.
Investing in good breast forms will make you very happy in the long run as, when you decide to transition, it can take up to 1-2 years before you’re allowed to start on hormones and grow your own.
When buying a bra, make sure you get the correct size as nothing is more uncomfortable then wearing the wrong bra size. You can measure your bra size by placing a tape measure around your rib cage immediately under your bust. This will show you your bust size (for example 85 for 85cm or 34 for 34 inches). The cup size is the size of the breast form (for example C). Combine these and you have your bra size (85C / 34C).
We suggest wearing full cup bras until you grow your own breasts, as they hold your artificial breasts in perfect place and also cover them up somewhat for an even more realistic look. Combine a full cup bra with a closed neckline top and no-one will ever know your breasts are not real.
Wearing breasts will immediately make you look and feel much more feminine and at the same time draw attention away from your shoulders.

Now to really achieve a feminine shape it’s very important to create the optical illusion of a narrow waist and wide hips, because as you can see here simply adding breasts and a feminine hairstyle (check out our wigs here) to a masculine shape is not enough:

To create an actual narrower waist, we suggest using shapewear or a corset (Check the shapewear & corsets we stock out here).

Now, to further create the optical illusion of a narrow waist and wide hips, we simply have to pick the right clothes.
Ideal clothes are those that flare out from around the waist, like this dress here:

Dress that flares out at Dot. - Your Ally

Combining a skirt that flares out with a top, shirt or sweater will also create this optical illusion. Wear it in a color or print that stands out from your top to create instant hips as it draws attention to the area you want to enhance.
Furthermore if you add a belt to your waist, you can make it appear even more narrow and increase the optical illusion of wide hips that the flaring out skirt or dress creates. 

Now top that look off with a long necklace to draw attention further away from your shoulders, some nice heels to draw the eyes down even further and a beautiful bag and ‘Poof’ a brand new woman is born!
We’ll get into those details, as well as how to do make-up like a pro, how to tuck and more in next posts.

To recap, there are three easy rules to remember:

  • Avoid clothes that make broaden the shoulders (padded vests, items with details at the shoulders, puffy sleeves) or expose them
  • Wear clothes that flare out to make your hips look wider
  • Make your waist look smaller with shapewear or a belt. As the smaller your waist looks, the bigger and wider your hips will appear

Now go on the hunt for that perfect outfit and enjoy your femininity!
If you like it, wear it!

Happy shopping and if you need any tips or help, know that we are always just one message away (WhatsApp +31-6 15 58 38 97)

XO - Dot.

P.S. If you’re not yet ready to remove the hair on your arms and legs, then check out these special tights that cover up all the hairs here, also in clothing make sure you pick out items with long sleeves. We made sure we stock many of these.

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